Monday, October 26, 2009

this is for all the closed-minded people who can't keep their mouth shut:


i have a mouth, and i'm entitled to say whatever i want. same goes for you, you have a mouth and you are indeed entitled to say whatever you want...and if u have a problem with the things i say or do, tell it straight to me. i dun see the point of telling others when u can tell it to me straight.

thanx for ur cooperation.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

a wild poppy night

mayling wanted to club. me n mayling wanted to celebrate yenn's bday.yenn wanted to destress.

hence, we went for dinner at ciccio, changkat bukit bintang *awesome place!*

but, wait. before that. at 8.24pm, i called ml and she said, yenn, just picked me up. okla, so i thought it would take like 20 minutes max to reach bangsar from kelanajaya...8.50pm, belum datang...i was like wtf. then they came at only pass 9...reason: sesat jalan to taman! haha.from my hse, we used the directions i got from the 'very helpful' google maps.beginning okay lah....we were on track until we reached pasar seni. i was like, shit shit. the jalan that we're supposed to take can't be seen. no signs whatsoever. then suddenly i saw jalan tun perak...i was like yay! 'turn right at jalan tun perak' was direction number 10. damn weird. cos before that we were only at direction number 4. then we thought, awesome lahhhh, we 'found' a shortcut. haha. kebodohan. turn into that stupid jalan...then we got lost. yenn, who was driving, simply turned here n there...and 10 minutes later we were on the same road leading to pasar seni. maleh. haha. then we called juju for directions. juju, although u suck at giving directions, u are one lucky dude when it comes to directions. pakai bantai only that fella. :P

we reached ciccio for dinner at almost 10pm. we were soooo hungry, we quickly ordered pasta n pizza. the food tasted not bad. ;) then we had tiramisu as yenn's supposedly burfday cake. she got a shock when the waiter n waitress suddenly started singing happy burfday to her from behind. haha. so cute la yenn. we quickly ate our tiramisu cos we needed to rush to poppy. hehe.

juju with his great directions made yenn make two big rounds for fucks. haha. poppy was packed with people!! we were so excited we were at the dance floor awhile after we arrived. hehe. ohyes, i forgot to tell you, we went to poppy cos nicholas, juju's friend was celebrating his burfday there. it was one wild party...there was a pool beside our table...and everyone of us ended up in the pool by the end of our clubbing session. haha.all three of us got pushed into the pool. i dragged juju along in.bahaha.kesian that fella, now fluish n got rashes.:(

ahh, i'll never forget our poppy night cos i broke my precious heels! boohoo.nvm, got excuse to buy new one! :D

i'm supposed to be at euphoria now with my darlings, ml n yenn. but can't make it. busy busy busy and tired tired tired! have a great burfday tmrw, yenn!!! :) muax.

and happy burfday to mr nicholas tay AH BENG! *if u ever see this.haha*

Thursday, September 24, 2009

you make me bipolar

all i want from you is a little effort put into this.

we're in this together, right?

is that too much to ask for?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

i'm so excited about tomorrow (technically it's today) and the days to come...:)))

going for karaoke tmrw. wheeeee! we all had to abstain ourselves from karaoke for a month plus since emma had to puasa...and now since raya has come, our karaoke sessions are back to work! yay!

and my darling mayling is finishing her exam tmrw, sooooo lepak moments has come back. double yay! we'll be meeting up with nakki who's gonna leave for india soon. :(

and then sleepover baybehhhhh at my place. woohoo.
can't wait!

i am still super busyyyyy with classes, ASSes and halloween party planning, but then when it comes to hanging out with friends...gotta make room for them! ;)

speaking of halloween, do come to our halloween party on 30th october's a collaboration with HELP's bpsych student council...and it's gona be...AWE...wait for it....SOME!! *effects of watching too much how i met your mother hehe*

Monday, September 21, 2009

at first i thought that this 4 days of holiday is gonna be boringgg with me stuck at home studying all day long...or so i thought.hehe.

thanks to juju and eujin's great idea, we went on a day-trip to malacca! wheeeeeeeee.

since i'm in the mood for story-telling, shardap and read :P

juju picked me up from church at about 1.30pm and we headed to danial's place to pick him up...all the way to subang. poor juju had to drive from cheras to pj to subang and back to cheras.
however, we had a pit stop at danial's since he just woke up and haven't mandi and most importantly, haven't rubrub lotion on his body. *runs away from danial*

after danial was ready *which was an hour later*, we headed back to eujin's place...cos ej was drivin...and then all four of us we're headed to malacca!

we reached malacca about 5pm-ish. dis juju wanted to makan his super double malak shit so much...damn, he was like a mosquito okayyy...but we didn't adhere to his pleas. bahaha.

instead, we went and find the infamous jonker oh my, that place was really packed with people...took us a really long time just to walk thru some small street. and the was atrociously hot! juju bought us kampai while walking, and i have to tasted damn good!maybe it was because of the weather.

i tell you, we were like jakuns okayy. like we never saw old antique stuff before. i felt like a tourist. was soooo amazed to see the christ church and stadhuys building. yes, i've never been to malacca before! you must be thinking, 'call yourself a malaysian, huh?' right? haha.

and and we also ate chicken rice balls! bleh, so normal only. i duno why is it such a craze. maybe it's just me and my weird taste??

after eating, we walked along jonker street ...again! this time it was even more packed! felt like i was walking like a duck.haha. juju n danial bought shades...which were like 15bucks each only. i wanted one too but then juju said cannot! how sad... haha.

i sooo wanted a t-shirt from the orangutan house shop...but they were closed already when we walked back. all together now....*sobssssss*

in the end, i left malacca with only rubberbands that i bought to tie my hair (cos it was so hot!)...and of course, nice memories. :)

i wanna go to malacca again!! :D

*slaps own face*

*back to studying now.blurgh.*

Saturday, September 19, 2009

i can't believe i'm just a convenience to you.

*drops down to reality*

Sunday, September 13, 2009

eff off

you know what ticks me off?

old friends who do not seem to care about you anymore.
even when you try to make them notice you...they don't give two shits about you.

i'm even starting to think that they're not so fond of me...or maybe they're just too busy, but when opportunities arise to meet up, they don't even try...

and then, when they need you, they come to you like beggars. eek, farking irritating.

ahh, out you go. out of my life. shoo shoo.